Untitled by Faith

I like museums, not in a pretentious “oh check out this exclusive collection by so-and-so” type of way. I like them because in some quiet way, they always manage to wake a certain part of me – the part that falls asleep from the doldrums of everyday life.

So somewhere in the back of my soul, I had once thought I’d make a pretty good curator and here’s my not-going-to-quit-my-day-job-yet attempt. Presenting the first ever exhibition of a new and upcoming artist, Faith.

Mummy by FaithSelf Portrait by FaithAuntie Carlene by Faith

Remember my old friend who I caught up with a couple of weeks ago where I was completely taken by her 2 and a-half-year-old. Well, it turns out she’s not only articulate but a photographer in the making. Mid way through the afternoon, she went around the house taking pictures with my camera which strangely found the sleeping bits of me stirring to wake up.

Untitle 1 by FaithDaddy & Meimei by FaithUntitle 2 by Faith

I love her angles even if they are accidents which we can never tell for sure πŸ™‚ My favourite picture is the one of her Daddy carrying her little Meimei. I also like the uncanny similar expression she caught of me and herself. So when she becomes a famous artist, remember you saw her here first πŸ™‚



That’s what I have for breakfast on a regular basis. Vegemite on toast, with cream cheese, with butter, with avocado, with tomatoes, with cucumber. It’s really quite yummy.

I see some eyes rolling and I can almost hear, “What are you talking about?” I agree, Vegemite is completely an acquired taste and unless you’re Australian or you’ve spent some time in Australia or have lived with Australians, you wouldn’t quite know what to do with it. Too little and you barely taste anything, too much and it’s complete overkill which is too too easy to do with Vegemite.

So it was in Perth, Australia circa 1995 when I was educated in the ways of Vegemite. I actually remember the day quite clearly. One morning, I woke up at 8:42am, got dressed real quick, drove like there’s no tomorrow (don’t tell my Dad) and walked in late for my 9am lecture … aaattt aaabout 9:15am which is a little amazing considering I live way North of the Swan River and my uni was somewhat way South of it (seriously don’t tell my Dad). I found my first Aussie mate, Melanie sitting where we usually sat, left back. I quietly got into the seat next to her and found her munching on toast.

Me (whispering): What’s that?

Melanie (whispering more): Vegemite toast, want some?

Me: Errr … vegemite?

Melanie: Have you had Vegemite, it’s quite yummy. (offering me a bite)

Normally, I would have had a bowl of cereal by now, a big bowl and Vegemite toast would not at all appeal to me. However, having literally just woken up from bed, my tummy was starting to rumble … yes, I have one of those tummies that needs to be fed FIRST thing in the morning … so I thought to myself, what’s the harm and took a cautionary bite.

It was simple Vegemite and butter on toast. It was really quite yummy and thanks to the very gracious Melanie, I finished the rest of it πŸ™‚ And I’ve never looked back since … yummmm … Vegemite toast …. yummm

Rice-Chan and Tomato-Chan

Let me introduce to you, Rice-chan and Tomato-chan.Β  When I saw Shannon’s little Lettuce-kun (not in the picture, sorry) some 3 weeks ago, I knew I had to get me one of those soon. Alas, they were out of stock. I was promptly told that they would be back in stock soon. So one night after aikido (this was 2 weeks ago now), Tessycat and I headed to MOS but were sorely disappointed as they were still out of stock. The girl behind the counter did tell me that they would be coming in the next day.

So you can imagine my thrill when veggie lunch buddy, Chee Wee suggested Bugis. The first thought was, “There’s a MOS burger in Bugis!” where I got Tessycat a Rice-Chan and me a Tomato-Chan. She kinda reminds me of Ketchup, a character from the very first animation series I help develop and produce πŸ™‚

Yes, I do recognise we are a little nutty that way … … nutty but happy πŸ™‚

Back from Japan

No, I didn’t go to Japan but Jules is home for Christmas!!! While she’s only been gone for 5 over months, it feels a lot longer than that to me. So after dinner last Friday with BFF duo Chee Wee and Jun, it was great walking around Orchard Road and enjoying the Christmas lights with her. To which I think is one of the best light ups in years and I think it’s just coz they simply added a lot more lights. It’s all a pretty glittery look … I like πŸ™‚

More than that, it was great just chatting with Jules. Finding out how she’s been in Japan, how her host family drinks beer with breakfast, how recycling works in Japan and discussing how we may bring it to Singapore πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to go visit her!!! Here’s a pic of us with none other than her highness, Queen Jun πŸ˜‰

You know … how you have some people who you just click with. Well, I don’t have many like that and Jules is one of them. When I first met her, it was a hi/bye situation at MIPCOM 2002, I think. Then we hung out more with the boys, sharing the same taste in films, clothes, books and working together when Krrish came to shoot in Singapore. By the time I joined MDA, Jules is one of the few in the world I completely trust πŸ™‚

We did more Christmas shopping on Sunday where we braved the crazy Singapore crowd, found a car park in Lucky Plaza and caught up with Erv, another one among that very few that I would choose to be stuck in a space shuttle with.

Just when I thought most adult friendships are transitory, these two have join an elite list who has taught me otherwise πŸ™‚


Upon my partner-in-crime, Mummy Daph’s recommendation, Jordkat and I went to watch Enchanted. Jordkat was already looking forward to it. So the two of us were excited as two little school girls on our first outing … ok, I’m exaggerating but that’s kinda what Enchanted was about.

The movie opens with Disney’s typical animation who had Mummy Daph’s husband exclaim, “You brought me to watch a cartoon?” Fortunately for him, the live action bits kicked in quite quickly. It’s still very much a chick flick though which is completely different from Warlords. A romantic comedy that takes the mickey out of every traditional Disney animation we can remember. A fairy tale for even the most cynical … after all McDreamy as a vulnerable single Dad is the perfect Prince Charming for the 21st century.

The best bit about the movie is how Amy Adams and James Marsden ham it up as animated characters in the real world. It was a fun movie for all the girls because deep down inside we enjoy the singing and the talking animals πŸ™‚

And for the guys, I’m sure at one time you enjoyed Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella too so it’ll be a fun movie with inside jokes you’ll get too πŸ˜‰

More about little girls

One of my dearest friends’ niece is every bit sugar and spice and all things nice. Presenting the little Princess.

She’s truly one of those girls who any adult will enjoy having around. Polite, cherubic and spontaneous. My favourite story about her was when her Yiyi came back for a visit from Melbourne, they were in the car and out of nowhere she lets out, “I love you, Mummy.” How sweet and cute is that? It’s no wonder she was a hit at my wedding.


This photo was taken 7months ago and she seems to have grown a little since then. They grow so fast … … before I know it, she’ll be taking her own wedding picture πŸ™‚