Dim Sum

It was the last weekend before Christmas, I took a bus into town on a Saturday morning expecting the worse but was delighted with a swift ride into Scotts Road where I then took a leisurely stroll to Shaw Centre. I was early for a 12:30 yam cha session so I stroll around looking for last minute gifts before venturing on the fifth level of Shaw Centre. Who goes up there, anyway?

Well, I found the little authentic yum cha place Erv was talking about. It’s called Kam Boat, don’t you just love that name?

How more authentic can you get from that? And there I was sitting at a table for 4 alone and wondering if people do yam cha by themselves? Before I could finish the thought, I was joined by the lone guy who later in the day wondered out loud if it was strange for one straight guy to be hanging out with 3 straight girls? I’d figure it’s be most straight guys’ dream but whatever … … back to dim sum. He went on an ordering rampage. It’s the yum cha thing. Get there hungry, over order and figure out who eats what at the end.

Of course, it didn’t help that I’m vegetarian and most dim sum dishes have some form of meat. Jules was still recovering from the bad food in Bali and … Tessycat … well, let’s just say she doesn’t eat much, dim sum or no dim sum. So to the lone guy, he wasn’t quite sure why he agreed to have dim sum with 3 girls. Where are the boys when you need them?

Apparently out doing their own things. Strangely though, like most girls I know, the three of us had room for desserts 🙂 All in all, it was a good place to have dim sum and it was a hoot especially coz the place makes you think you’ve walked into a time machine that brought you to circa 1986. Don’t forget your May Bank credit card if you have one, that’s the only one with the discount.

As Murphy’s law would have it, between the four of us we have nearly every card from every bank except May Bank … …

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