Untitled by Faith

I like museums, not in a pretentious “oh check out this exclusive collection by so-and-so” type of way. I like them because in some quiet way, they always manage to wake a certain part of me – the part that falls asleep from the doldrums of everyday life.

So somewhere in the back of my soul, I had once thought I’d make a pretty good curator and here’s my not-going-to-quit-my-day-job-yet attempt. Presenting the first ever exhibition of a new and upcoming artist, Faith.

Mummy by FaithSelf Portrait by FaithAuntie Carlene by Faith

Remember my old friend who I caught up with a couple of weeks ago where I was completely taken by her 2 and a-half-year-old. Well, it turns out she’s not only articulate but a photographer in the making. Mid way through the afternoon, she went around the house taking pictures with my camera which strangely found the sleeping bits of me stirring to wake up.

Untitle 1 by FaithDaddy & Meimei by FaithUntitle 2 by Faith

I love her angles even if they are accidents which we can never tell for sure 🙂 My favourite picture is the one of her Daddy carrying her little Meimei. I also like the uncanny similar expression she caught of me and herself. So when she becomes a famous artist, remember you saw her here first 🙂

2 thoughts on “Untitled by Faith

  1. Hey thanks for your post on Faith’s “art piece” – stuff that I usually delete from my camera immediately after she’s had her fun. Perhaps I should download them for future reference! I’ve copied your post on my blog (and rightfully attributed to you of course) if you don’t mind, cos I thot you might not want me publicising your blog URL.

  2. For sure, I don’t 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post … maybe one day she’ll refer to the post as her first exhibition 😉 Didn’t realised you left a comment it got suck into my spam filter :p

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