Back from Japan

No, I didn’t go to Japan but Jules is home for Christmas!!! While she’s only been gone for 5 over months, it feels a lot longer than that to me. So after dinner last Friday with BFF duo Chee Wee and Jun, it was great walking around Orchard Road and enjoying the Christmas lights with her. To which I think is one of the best light ups in years and I think it’s just coz they simply added a lot more lights. It’s all a pretty glittery look … I like 🙂

More than that, it was great just chatting with Jules. Finding out how she’s been in Japan, how her host family drinks beer with breakfast, how recycling works in Japan and discussing how we may bring it to Singapore 😉 I can’t wait to go visit her!!! Here’s a pic of us with none other than her highness, Queen Jun 😉

You know … how you have some people who you just click with. Well, I don’t have many like that and Jules is one of them. When I first met her, it was a hi/bye situation at MIPCOM 2002, I think. Then we hung out more with the boys, sharing the same taste in films, clothes, books and working together when Krrish came to shoot in Singapore. By the time I joined MDA, Jules is one of the few in the world I completely trust 🙂

We did more Christmas shopping on Sunday where we braved the crazy Singapore crowd, found a car park in Lucky Plaza and caught up with Erv, another one among that very few that I would choose to be stuck in a space shuttle with.

Just when I thought most adult friendships are transitory, these two have join an elite list who has taught me otherwise 🙂

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