Upon my partner-in-crime, Mummy Daph’s recommendation, Jordkat and I went to watch Enchanted. Jordkat was already looking forward to it. So the two of us were excited as two little school girls on our first outing … ok, I’m exaggerating but that’s kinda what Enchanted was about.

The movie opens with Disney’s typical animation who had Mummy Daph’s husband exclaim, “You brought me to watch a cartoon?” Fortunately for him, the live action bits kicked in quite quickly. It’s still very much a chick flick though which is completely different from Warlords. A romantic comedy that takes the mickey out of every traditional Disney animation we can remember. A fairy tale for even the most cynical … after all McDreamy as a vulnerable single Dad is the perfect Prince Charming for the 21st century.

The best bit about the movie is how Amy Adams and James Marsden ham it up as animated characters in the real world. It was a fun movie for all the girls because deep down inside we enjoy the singing and the talking animals 🙂

And for the guys, I’m sure at one time you enjoyed Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella too so it’ll be a fun movie with inside jokes you’ll get too 😉

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