Animation Nation

It’s Animation Nation time!! Like all film festivals I find myself torn with choices and this year’s line up has to be the best since its inception some 3 or 4 years ago.


So far I’ve caught TekkonKinkreet, with captivating backgrounds and endearing lead boy characters, this yakuza themed story moved me to tears … … but powerful animation has a tendency to do that to me. This is one for the DVD collection.


And last night, I watched Freedom Project which was a funny one. Commissioned by instant cup noodle brand, Nissin, this 6 part series is all about the future where Earth is barren and human race found home on the Moon. It’s still in production and as I type, the animation studio in Japan is hard at work on Episode 6. Can’t wait for all of it to be out 🙂


And yes, ever so often Nissin Cup Noodles found itself in the hands of the main characters. But hey, if you’re going to live on the Moon, there better be cup noodles 🙂

Can’t wait to catch the rest … really looking forward to 5cm/second … something tells me it’s going to be good … …



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