Finally home on SQ37

This is really kinda overdue. Work has been busy … too busy to slack off 😛

I’m finally home from LA. For a minute there, I thought it was never going to happen.

I always write about SQ38 but never seem to write anything about SQ37 coming home. So here’s a post on it.

On the flight I realised why I hardly ever write about it, we take off at 8pm when it’s pitch dark in LA and arrive early at 6am when it’s pitch black in Singapore. There’s nothing fun to look at when all you see for 17 hours is darkness … it’s not like I can even see stars.

I managed to sleep for 7 hours and the remaining 10 hours was split watching No Reservations, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Billy Elliot, 2 episodes of CSI, an episode of King of Queens and another of House. Other than Billy Elliot which had inspired me with its theatrical release was still my favourite on the plane ride home, the rest was just good enough to make time past.

When the plan finally landed on the tarmac, I heard the tapping of raindrops against the plane windows. Probably one of my favourite sounds and as it started to seriously rain, I just sat back and enjoyed the scene in the cab, all the way home.

Thank goodness for monsoon seasons!!

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