Every once in a while, you come across a gem of a movie and you’re just happy to have watched it. Juno is such a film and I caught it last night as part of the AFI Fest. The script was tight and witty, coupled with nearly flawless acting, it could be my favourite movie for 2007. From the director who brought us Thank You for Smoking, Jason Reitman was the great team leader who tie it all together.

I was much impressed with Ellen Page who I last saw in X-Men as Kitty Pryde. This 20 year-old played the intelligent yet vulnerable pregnant 16 year-old, Juno with such finesse that you can’t help but root for her the whole way. However, it was her boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker who stole my heart. I last saw him in Superbad where I already thought he was sweet. Michael Cera, played the geek again and this time with a charm only good guys are capable of. My favourite scene was when he crawled into bed with Juno after she had delivered their baby, said nothing and just held her.

Who would have thought a cliché melodramatic storyline like a pregnant 16 year-old trying to figure out what to do, would turn out to be a heart warming comedy. If for nothing else, it’s a well spent 92minutes that shows us while it may be tough to find that one person to live happily ever after with, it’s not impossible 🙂

‘Nuff said, huh?