It’s the America Film Market time, 10 days in Santa Monica … probably the only place in LA that I feel not-too-plastic. Even with the raging fires that have been recently causing havoc in Southern California, I’m happy to report with my sunrise view this morning:-

There isn’t any more pollution than usual and the weather is lovelier but before I start making plans for Halloween, I’m trying to hold out for one more hour so that I don’t sleep too early tonight and be able to out for the parties tomorrow 🙂

SQ38 in October2007

For the third time this year, I find myself on SQ38 bound for LAX … I’m starting to think I should buy a place in Santa Monica … ok, I don’t quite make enough for that but it’s still nice to think about it. I digress, back to my flight, with 17 hours to kill I was very grateful that I had an empty seat next to my 39K and guess what? There was no one sitting in front of me either 🙂 So with the maximum space an Economy Executive seat gave me, I slowly enjoyed movies I had to catch up on.

  1. Hairspray – Had a blast with it, Michelle Pfeiffer was a hilarious … wasn’t sure about John Travolta as a chick though. I still stand by the 1988 version.
  2. Knocked Up – Movie buddy told me I had to catch this movie, especially after Superbad. It was funny and I thankful, it was a movie I didn’t pay $10 for. I really like Paul Rudd who played the brother-in-law 🙂
  3. The Simpson Movie – I LURVED IT!!! It was funny and didn’t disappoint. The script work for a feature and the characters grew even more from the TV series. I can’t wait to get the DVD.
  4. Bewitched – Ok, this is a 2 year old movie but I remember wanting to watch it when it first came out because I was a HUGE fan of the TV series. So I finally caught it and it was the perfect plane movie, Nicole Kidman was a true embodiment of Elizabeth Montgomery’s spirit and Will Ferrell was funny as usual.

So all in all, I had fun and also managed to squeeze in 5 and half hours of sleep too 🙂

I’m starting to get use to these straight flights to LA and then I hear a rumour that they’re upgrading these flights to only business class … sigh …