A day in the park

There’s nothing like a simple afternoon in the park with family. So last weekend, we found some time, packed food (enough to feed a small army … yes, the Tans & Lams tend to overfeed), brought blank-ies, found a nice spot at the Botanic Gardens and had a relaxing afternoon catching up, playing ball … basically just hanging out together.

I haven’t seen my nephew and niece in a bit and they’ve grown so much. Ok, my nephew has reached kinda a plateau in his growth and he’s like a little adult now … so all the attention naturally falls on his little sister who’s like a sponge right now.

She’s sweet, warm and too cute for words. She’s quite different from her brother too. Unlike him, she loves to eat which makes her a true Tan 😛 Check out the endless munching on bickkies taken over the afternoon 😛

Watching the two of them, the thing I really miss about being a kid is the exuberant boundless energy to do mindless things like run around aimlessly in a park, more than that I really miss be able to make friends with just about any other kid in a new place. Within minutes of finding our spot, my niece and nephew with their limited language ability found pals to play with.

And here’s the latest thing from my niece. In the age of digital camera, she poses when there’s one pointing at her. The thing is, she’s usually too quick with the pose for a still 😛