Happy Birthday, Junior!!

It’s his 11th birthday and to think when I first met him in 1997, he was a little 1 year old pup. Well, thanks to Junior, I changed my mind about little dogs before that my idea of a dog was a Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Cocker Spaniels … hell, even a Rottweiler … in all honesty, I love strays … there’s something about them that make them quirky and that suits my style a lot more. Any mutt that was larger than a cat was what I reckon as a ‘dog’ and anything smaller, was an oversized rodent to me. So this post is dedicated to Junior, a Maltese that taught me that dogs in small packages are just as great and there’s no judging anyone just by the way they look 🙂

I had the pleasure to get to know him when he was living in Singapore. He has since moved to Melbourne and has been living there for about 4 years now so some days I wonder if he still remembers me.

Till life finds me in Melbourne, here’s a cyber-hug for you, Junior. Hope you feel my wishes for the day!!! Have a good one, mate!!!

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