What was I thinking?

I woke up this morning aching worse than I was yesterday. You see, I’ve joined my partner-in-crime, Jonah’s Mummy for yoga every Tuesday and I’m still at it with Aikido on Wednesdays with Tessycat. Now Tessycat and I have even decided to practice on Mondays so that we don’t look like bumbling idiots on Wednesdays … … so come next Thursday and Friday, I just may not be able to stand straight.

Here’s a peek at my weekly schedule:-

Mondays – Aikido practice in the aerobics room
Tuesdays – Yoga in the Esplanade room
Wednesdays – Aikido for real at Cheng San CC
Thursdays – ‘to nuah (hokkien for vegging out)’ at home
Fridays – If I’m feeling like I do right now, it’ll be more nuah-ing at home
Weekends – errr … depending on how this 32 year-old body can recover I might just still be nuah-ing at home

We’ll see how long I can keep this up … I figured now is the time to do this coz’ in about another 5 years I honestly don’t think I’ll even want to entertain the thought 🙂

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