From Sydney, the Park Hyatt

After the whirl wind tour through the Gold Coast (we arrived at 0640hrs and left at 1520hrs), we got on a plane headed for Sydney.  With only about 36hours and the APEC Summit in town, I was very grateful that my room was glorious.

The BedThe ClosetThe TubThe Vanity

I was sleepy after dinner of the first night, literally fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow and when the alarm rang, I realised the bed was so big when I had to pull myself to the side to reach the clock … yes, when I’m alone I have a thing where I sleep dead centre of the bed.  And I woke up to an even more glorious view.

The View

Alas I’m leaving tomorrow, it was good while it lasted and thank you, Sydney … despite the craziness with the high security and all, you managed to make me feel at home in Australia … Perth is still my favourite Aussie city though, I’m bias 🙂 but the whole of Australia really understands the true meaning of ‘chill’ … even when the APEC Summit is in town.

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