Pueblo People

I have to honest when it’s come to Native American culture, I know close to nothing about it. I don’t think my new Native American friends would reckon that my exposure to Dances With Wolf or Pocahontas count. That’s why I completely enjoyed their little Buffalo dance which officially started the conference.

So here’s me with my little Pueblo friends from New Mexico.

Leonard and me

Apart from their art that adorned nearly every other building or their jewellery that’s sold in every other shop, I was completely intrigued with their architecture.

They’re called Adobe because they’re made of adobe, a clay like mixture made of mud and straw. I love the earthy colours and the rounded corners. It’s all over Santa Fe which makes this town so quaint and very different from all the other US cities I’ve ever been. If I ever find my way back to New Mexico, I want to check out the nature bits. That’s what I wish I had time to do. Apparently the desert, lakes and mountains are quite out of this world … hopefully, one day I’ll get to go camping in New Mexico and maybe just maybe I’ll get to bump into a couple of ETs too 😉

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