Durian Bread

Last week I had some over riped bananas and instead of throwing them out I thought I’d try my hand at banana bread. And I’m happy to report it went very well, even people in the office thought so 🙂

Then over the National Day weekend, my parents bought us some durian and I had an inspiration to combine recipes (the banana bread one with a durian cake one) to make my very own Durian Bread.

In the beginningBefore the ovenAfter oven

It was kinda chewy at first like those durian kueh you buy in Malacca or Penang. But after a night in the fridge, my family declared it quite yummy and yes, we can refer it to a Durian Bread 🙂

I’m enjoying all this experimenting and I’m starting to wonder if there’s a niche market for organic healthy breads, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cookies … anyone up for organic baked goodies?

4 thoughts on “Durian Bread

  1. I think its a great idea. Not many organic or Vegetarian stuff here. hey, you might even convince me, Ms I’ll take GM food anytime to go organic! LOL

  2. Hey…we got ourselves an oven! Can’t wait to start baking again! There was a recipe for Banana Bread in my Sesame Street encylopedia when I was a kid, had a fine time baking with the older boys living in the apartment block 🙂 They were sporting to do the marketing and eating for me haha

    Bring over your baking delights, carl 🙂

  3. biten by the baking bug! well I’ve always wanted to bake since marine parade days, well lets say time was not on my side. but i just bought a little cookbook on 500 muffins and cupcakes. please come over my place and cook some together and I insist on eating your durian bread too! 😉

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