Aikido Lesson #6

Had my sixth Aikido lesson yesterday and … … I’m not quite sure I’ve got the rolling right.

How to startRollingAt the end

That’s what it’s suppose to look like but you can trust me when I say, I look nothing like that. More like a chicken who is avoiding a puddle, slipping and rolling quite unceremoniously across the path way. Yes, no matter how many times I tried. And you’re head is not suppose to touch the ground at all … … but each time I did it, my head will roll along the floor too … like there’s a magnet between my head and the ground. Oh well, I’m not giving up … not yet anyway, which reminds me I have to book the aerobics room at work so Tessycat and I can practice and be a little more prepared for our next class.

Next time I think I’ll post pictures of the bruises I get from class 🙂

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