Being an Auntie

And I’m not talking about the 60something type elder lady who stuffs her hanky in her bra strap and ‘kiaps’ her wallet under her armpit. I’m talking about me in 2003 when I officially became an aunt, it was the year my nephew was born … it was also the year most of my other friends had their babies too, all 7 babies are now cute 4-year-olds. Since then the number has been growing and I’m glad I work in a mummy-friendly office where babies are popping up everywhere 🙂

I love reading parenting blogs and the experiences these parents have with their ever amazing kids so I decided that besides my new found love of baking I’m going to blog about my experiences as an aunt – pseudo parenting … the best kind of fun with a return policy 🙂

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So that’s my nephew sometime in 2005 and my little niece when she was first born last year. I should post a more updated picture of her coz she’s grown into this little cutie. They are siblings but couldn’t be more different than chalk and cheese. He only drinks milk and will eat only french fries (sometimes the odd fried egg) and she will eat almost anything 🙂 but the both of them are sweet, I love it when Gabe gives his little mei mei a hug and smooch for no reason and he doesn’t know that I’m quietly looking from the side.

Till my next pseudo parenting post, here’s some pics of the little ones who through their sheer existence makes it all worth while.

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Cupcake Brownies

Yes, I’ve been bitten by the baking bug and am trying out all kinds of recipes.  After the success of my wheat-free corn muffins, I tried cupcake brownies a couple of weekends ago.  And I’m pleased to report that I’ll be baking them again for public tasting 🙂

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Next baking update will include a banana bread and durian cake 🙂  Now I can seriously invest in an oven … or should I wait until I have my own place?

Anyway, the cupcake brownies san sugar (sweetened with maple syrup) and other diary products worked out quite well with my tasting group … i.e. no complains and there were no leftover.  So I’ll bring it to a party soon 🙂

Cupcakes, anyone?