The Green Room Cafe

Part 3 of the husband’s birthday update, for dinner we checked out a new place … well, at least a new place to us. When we got there, we found out that they’ve been around for a year.

We chanced on The Green Room Cafe from an article in IS magazine featuring organic places in Singapore. Initially we weren’t sure because the article said that they had vegetarian options, that’s usually restaurant review language for a couple of dishes that aren’t really yummy. Thankfully, we were feeling adventurous and decided to try them out anyway, because we found out that they were COMPLETELY vegetarian and organic at that too. Well, 80% organic and in Singapore that’s as good as it gets.

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We had a yummy smoothie each. Me, an Exotic Coconut and my husband had a Creamy Avocado. I’m happy to report we both enjoyed it thoroughly and when our meals came, we were delighted with our new find. So you can be sure, we’ll be back for sure.

However, my take on any place is always consistency so check in when I write my return review, if the place is good twice in a row then I can confidently tell you it’s not a place to miss. Meanwhile, if you’re in the Ang Mo Kio/Bishan area and feeling adventurous, drop by Bishan Park 2 along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. You’ll have yourself pleasantly surprised at the Green Room Cafe 🙂 And one tip for all the non-vegetarians, go for the Tom Yum noodles – a simple stir-fry that works for the local non-veggie palate.

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