Over the weekend …

… my husband turned 33 and I bought him a blender. It was something he’s always wanted, to make smoothies, hummus, soup and stuff but never got around to buying one. So I went to Best Denki and was looking at blenders.

Best Denki Salesman: Hello, need any help?

Me: It’s ok, I’m looking around for a blender.

BDS: Maybe I can help.

M: Sure, it’s a present.

BDS: For your mother?

M: Actually it’s for my husband.

The Best Denki Salesman gave me a smirk.

I pulled my “Why-men-cannot-blend-meh?” look and shot it right back at him.

BDS: (laughing sheepishly) You want for yourself, right?

So I went to Harvey Norman and bought my blender there.

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