Aikido Lesson #2

I’ve got a couple of bruises to report but other than that, I really had fun.  I was still confused and I don’t have the rolling quite down yet but managed to learn a couple of moves 🙂  All I’m hoping now is to be able to remember them for next week … so to help me do that, I’m thinking of buying this book.

The Complete Basic Techniques

Anyone else know of any good Aikido books I should be reading?

2 thoughts on “Aikido Lesson #2

  1. pssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 🙂
    Incident of the day:
    On my way to work on the tram, I met not one but TWO extremelyl rude commuters!(Ever since I came to Melbourne).
    Rude commuter No. 1
    I was about to go up on the tram and she very conveniently cut my ‘queue’ in fear that the tram would not be able to accomodate her.
    (Back story: Half of us could not hop on the earlier tram as it was too crowded and we had to wait for another 5 mins though it seems more like 17 mins to me.)

    Rude Commuter No. 2
    We hopped on to the second still very crowded tram. I was standing right infront of a ‘solitare’ seat (this seat has to be given up for elderly/handicapped people and the seat faces 45 degrees from the main road) occupied by a non-elderly/handicapped lady. Grouchy negative rude commuter No. 2 was standing beside me. As the lady got up, she had to squeeze through and get past me to make way to the door. To make things easier, I turned was about to take her seat when Rude Commuter very quickly swerved and sat down. (literally like that episode of seinfeld where kramer was on the subway and could not get a seat). So thats fine. In the next 4 mins, two commuters who were seated on the ‘normal’ seat ( facing the main road)just beside her got off. I was closest to the seat and was about to sit down, when she conveniently got off from her seat and went straight to where I was about to sit.
    No apologies whatsoever. She seems to know what seat I had in mind and just happily beat me to the punch.
    I looked at her and in my mind, my head was just shaking profusely and I am just glad that I do not have a person like her in my life! *growl*:

  2. Oh, I was also about to add, in this AiKIDO segment, that I wished I knew some Aikido moves so I could ( in my mind) give her a piece of my mind!

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