Die Hard 4.0

It’s been 19 years since the first Die Hard and Bruce Willis doesn’t disappoint … … ok, I may be exaggerating a little because I’m a Bruce Willis fan (have been since his Moonlighting days with Cybill Shephard … long before Ally McBeal it was Moonlighting) so Die Hard 4.0 was reminiscent of action movies long gone. Some how action movies are a little too realistic for me nowadays. So I’m still into superheros – costumes or no costumes as long as they fight evil and their goodness isn’t flawed by some depth 😛

Live Free or Die Hard

So how does an analogue cop save a digital world? With some serious old fashion ass kickin’ and a new teen-ish sidekick who knows everything there is to know about computers and connectivity. Of course, my favourite part was watching Kevin Smith, a Die Hard fan himself, play a hacker who helps good ol’ John McClane out.

Yippee Ki Yay !!!

The story is as good as it gets for a movie which franchise started in the late 80s. The premise is mildly interesting only because it’s a scary thought that the whole world could be taken down with the press of a couple of buttons. But hey, you don’t watch Die Hard for the story. So unless you know Die Hard (and trust me, there are those young enough who don’t … like my intern who went, “Die what?” … I nearly cough up blood into her face :P) it isn’t much but for the rest of us, even if it’s just to relive the days when movie watching isn’t about the CGI but the crazy stunts that the actors do all by themselves. And of course, Bruce Willis shows how you can be in your 50s and still be so darn cool. Step over Ashton … where were you when these premiered?

Die HardDie HarderWith a Vengence

One thought on “Die Hard 4.0

  1. just saw it a few nights back and it was totally entertaining! BW is the best action hero around i say! And his side kick, the kid from the tv series Ed is has actually turned out to be quite a hottie!

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