“Ask and ye shall receive”

That’s so true πŸ™‚

First, my lomo and now my Bumblebee … look:-


So stay tune for more of my desires … meanwhile, check out his friends:-


From left to right, it’s Jazz, Bumblebee and the Optimus Prime. No, the rest don’t belong to me … I kidnapped them to show them some feminine love πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Bumblebee

  1. I am riding on your wish list. Not asking for a new life as I was lucky enough to get one a couple of months ago.

    All I want is : Simpsons poster, more simpsons figurine, a whole mountain of Pixar stuff and a sea collection of autobots and decepticons action figures and a library of Elliot Erwitt’s collection. And a cool ____ camera.

    cheers to my new life.
    Hip Hip
    Hooray! x 3
    love u.

  2. I was turning green with envy when I saw your BB and went to get myself one. The packing was good and everything. So decided to get BB and OP. Opened the package and much to my disapointment, BB ( which is MIC I might add) did not deliver to my expectations AT ALL. It looked like it should have been a “FREE TOY” from a Macdonald happy meal. It was really cheapo and BB could only do 2 things. 1) Stand upright ( status quo) 2)Flip the body down and the it will move a mere 5 cm. I paid A$12 x 2 and did not get any free meals.

    I will blog about it when I start my blog and send you the photo. you can then point at my BB and go “HAHA”

    I wanted to refund it and was ready to bring OP back to KMART, when I realised that I had lost the receipt – or I should say, the receipt strangely “dissapeared” ( I was 100% and still am 100% sure I had it in the bag). That was when my dear partner told me,
    “The owner does not choose the car. The car chooses the owner.”
    Fair enough.
    I gave her BB and kept OP for myself.

    I know what you are going to ask me Miss C.

    ” Kmart? what do you expect?”

    My answer
    ” well anything but this!”

    – angry meal –

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