It isn’t goodbye

Winnie enjoyed her last day today 🙂 yes, she leaving for greener pastures. The world is now her oyster! You know, I never quite understood the meaning of that. Anywho, good luck Winnie and I know it's see you soon and not farewell. Later chickie!

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5 thoughts on “It isn’t goodbye

  1. ADV: Want to shoot your next family portrait, convocation photo, bridal album? Please come down to Fish & Co. at Bugis Junction! Professional background and studio lighting complimentary with your fish and chips! =D

  2. hahahahaha … yes yes Fish & Co at Bugis … hmmm, Winnie should ask them if they want to pay for advertising I'll link the pic to their site …. hahahahaha … glad you're back in the office today!!

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