Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

They've truly made the whole theme ride for the big screen.  And what a ride it was too … with a full blown fantastical storyline and special effects to go with it, it was just like a ride at a theme park – FUN 🙂

So in a nutshell, if you haven't seen it on the big screen … don't bother, unless like Jules and I you are Johnny Depp fan.

As always he doesn't disappoint, funny, just tad silly and completely natural .. he is Jack Sparrow.  So did he die at the end of the sequel?  Since we know there wouldn't be a third without him, he was definitely alive, well and jumping around.  So yah, the storyline can be a tad unreal but it was fun.  Oh so fun 🙂


And Singapore gets a mention too.  Some are getting excited about the mention, thinking about the worldwide recognition it'll bring to our tiny island … … and all I'm thinking in my head is that the next time I try market Singapore to people who have no idea where we are, they're going to think Singapore has pirates, we live on houses standing on stilts and we row boats along the Singapore River. 

Anyway, back to the movie.  I have to say the first one was my favourite (just like The Matrix) where the special effects were used to create breathtaking impact and was pivotal to the storyline.  Part 3, like I said already was just one theme park ride – expensive to make, fun to be on and quite pointless.

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