Thank goodness …

… I'm not a boy. Went shoe shopping with A and realised being a boy is quite boring … with not many styles to pick from, how adventurous can you be for a celebration like your wedding? That said though my simple Nine West pair isn't some glam piece but hopefully it'll reflect my style – simple with a whimsical sense of fun 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Thank goodness …

  1. Boy shopping is defintiely not as exciting. My sister has 2 boys and likes to have them recieve clothing as a gift….and So for each celebration I struggle with boring boring mini Gap shirts and sandals…Blah.
    But I have to say, some of the shirts are starting to get fun, at least P. seems to be having some fun with his wardrobe lately, lots of stripes and such.

    The shoes, BTW are very classy!

  2. Hi Katiebell 🙂 Thanks!! I have a nephew and niece myself and I have to say I love shopping for my niece so much more … in fact I was buying stuff for her even before she came out 😛 but but but there are cooler and cooler stuff for boys nowadays too 😉

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