Free Sunday!!!

It doesn't always happen on a business trip but we had a free Sunday this trip.  So the day started early with a walk along Lincoln Drive to St. Monica Church.  It was a really pretty walk on a beautiful morning to a real beautiful church.  So I was there for 9:30am Mass and if you've ever been to a Catholic Mass you know it's the same wherever you are in the world … kinda like the oldest franchise around ;)   I digress, what I wanted to say is … it was time for communion, I was sitting there waiting for my turn, looking at the different people taking their turn … lo and behold I see Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yep, the Governator himself.  Nope, that's not a picture I took.  The man was in church and I didn't think a Singaporean crazed fan moment was appropriate so I just took a second take to make sure I was right.  Seeing his wife, Maria Shriver confirmed that it was him and I went back to waiting for my turn at communion.

After Mass I walked to yet another great place for vegetarians in Santa Monica, Newsroom Cafe along Wilshire Boulevard.  I had a totally yummilicious breakfast of scrambled tofu and wholewheat toast … why doesn't some place like that open in Singapore?  Hmmm … I just might open my own organic vegetarian place in Singapore.  So after the last days having to chow breakfast down quickly, I enjoyed my scrambled tofu at a leisurely pace, sipping my peppermint tea and reading the papers.  Life can be good :)  the rest of the day was spent walking down the promenade, taking my first bus ride in California and checking out Main Street which has all these different little independent shops … my kind of shopping 🙂


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