Music & Lyrics and Letters from Iwo Jima

It's been a while since I did two movies in a day so after a dearth of movie watching, the movie gang decided Saturday will be the day :)  Actually, just Jules and I caught two movies … everyone else watched one or the either.

So we started the day of with Music & Lyrics, one of those romantic comedies that can't go wrong especially with Hugh Grant who was as charming as ever.  Drew Berrymore was sweet and cute as she often is but I'm realising she has a standard templates of looks she does for romantic comedies, complete with the cute puppy dog look while sucking on a straw … very successfully cute though.  If I was a guy, I'd fall for it.

The best bit about the movie was the beginnging where they did a fantastic 80s MTV.  Gosh, they had it all down – the dance steps, the cheesy edits and the acting … it was hilarious …For everyone who doesn't do romantic comedies, the movie is worth it just for the MTV.  Reminds me of the good old days in  the 80s, when weird poofy hairstyles and over big ala American footballers type shoulder pads were in.  I'm not looking forward to when it all comes back but it's always good to relive the memories every once in a while.

Then Erv joined us for lunch at some Ramen place in Cuppage Plaza, actually he was the one who recommended it … all in celebration of Jules' JLPT2!!!!!  Congrats Jules!!

After which we had some dessert and it was back to Cineleisure san Daph for Letters from Iwo Jima … hmmm … what can I say … in a nutshell, I'm glad it didn't win the Best Picture at the Oscar's.  It was very Clint Eastwood i.e. slow which only worked with Unforgiven.  So very overrated but if you don't watch it on the big screen, you're quite likely to fall asleep.

Every time I watch a war movie, the whole pointless nature of it all is more obvious than ever and I start to wonder if women ruled the world … would there be lesser wars, if any 😛

But I have a new Jap crush, nope not the guy from Arashi but Tsuyoshi Ihara

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