Vox Hunt: Deserves to be heard

From JulesAudio: Share something extremely rare that deserves to be heard.

Here's my 'rare' find … from Merril Bainbridge, Australian chick … kinda one-hit-wonder type … Being Boring is from her album, The Garden but it wasn't this track that did it for her  … on the contrary, I don't think much was thought of about this song i.e. 'rare' … but it's the one I like 🙂

I like this song mostly coz it brings me back to carefree days in Perth where the biggest stress was getting a paper in on time and having the time to read on a grassy knoll.  So for that it deserves to be heard.

Kinda like how Like A Virgin immediately makes me Primary 6 again and remember trying to figure out if I was old enough to have crushes on A-ha or was young enough to be still into Strawberry Shortcake.

Hang on a minute … I'm still into Strawberry Shortcake.

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Organic Farming


Ever since I became vegetarian some 5 and a half years ago, I've been learning more about organic produce; its importance to the environment and health has kinda made me a strong advocate of organic farming.

So whenever I have time, I go check organic farms out … coz you know an organic label doesn't really cut it for me … yes, I have trust issues :P  Anyway, A and I have pretty much checked out all the organic farms there are in Singapore and in fact order our weekly dose of fresh veggies from Green Circle Eco-Farm, so when we heard of this really huge organic farm in Negeri Sembilan … we packed out bags for a quick weekend getaway to check it out.


I'm happy to report we had a lovely time and the Titi Eco Farm Resort is a nice place to getaway for the weekend :)  In fact, they actually have simple cabins for people to stay over with activities to learn about organic farming as well as nutrtional vegetarian cooking.  They do have a lot of different veggies but most of them can be found in Singapore too, and they don't deliver to Singapore coz we're a little to far away for the organic veggies with no perservatives to survive.  Makes me wonder about all this organic produce from Australia and the US that I find in our supermarkets in Singapore … …

Anywho, like all good organic farms they make their own compost so nothing goes to waste :)  All organic trash goes into a bin that is sorted and later turned into yummy nutrients for the soil which is important as a lot of the factory farmed veggies are grown on weak soil and so technically don't have sufficient nutrients we need.  And man, you can tell by the taste of the fresh veggies, I had corn raw freshly plucked from the plant … and they were the sweetest thing ever … first time I've ever had raw corn … and ladysfinger, fresh from the plant, it's sweet with no slime … cool, right?  The papayas though were the best thing I've eaten.  It was really too good to be true 😛

Made me want to go out buy land and become an organic farmer … then reality sets in and I remember the time when I was in secondary school and my parents were going away for a holiday.  My Mummy had a simple task for me – water her plants.  My Mummy, for the uninitiated, was born with green thumbs, fingers and toes … and unfortunately, I didn't inherit any of those genes so even though I watered her plants, they met their untimely demise.  So I'll stick to what I do better – shopping for organic produce 🙂


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