You have a choice

That's what I was told by the policeman who stopped me on the highway back from Malaysia. 

So here's the low down, I went to an organic farm over the weekend which will be dealt with in another post.  Anyway, I drove up and back and like the good girl I am, I remember what my Daddy told me, "Don't drive over the speed limit … it's 110km/h and if you go about 120 it's ok but not above that."

There I was going consistently at about 115km/hr – 120km/hr … ok, maybe I did do 130km/h while taking over some truck but honestly, I wouldn't say I had sped at all.

Then I see all the cars slowing down at a police stop … and I notice the first two cars being pulled over in front of me are Singapore cars and so is the one behind me.

And here's a conversation I'll probably never forget, note: for the sake of comprehension, his English has been edited:-

Policeman: Hello, mamm.  License please.
Me: (struggling with my wallet) Here … any problem?
P: Do you know you were going 145km/h?
M: (with an incredulous look on my face) No lah
P: So I can give you summon and you can go to police station to pay.
M: (still looking at him with my incredulous look)
P: Or you can pay me now.
M: (incredulous look completely replaced with my lost face) Huh?  (I was truly confused)
P: You have a choice.
M: Huh?
P: I can give you a summon and you can pay RM120 at the police station or you can pay me RM50 now.
M: (still looking at him completely lost) I can pay you now?
P: Yes
M: (looking in my wallet and there's only RM30 … still clueless on what he's trying to get at) And there's a police station in JB?
P: Is this your first time?
M: (smiling as sweetly as i can) Yes.

A beat.

P: Ok I'll let you go with a warning this time.
M: (the lost look comes back) Huh? So no need to pay at all.
P: Can go.
M: (smiling again) Thank you.

As I was driving away, it hits me, "Hey!! He was asking me for a bribe … and there was like 10 cars they stopped."

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2 thoughts on “You have a choice

  1. What the hell??!!! We also kena the last time we went up to Malaysia and we INSISTED (just to prove our point that we will not tolerate their behaviour but of course it meant several ringgit lesser to shop in KL) to pay at the police station and we were driving only at 115km/h!

  2. Yah man, totally agree … A and I agreed that even if I had understood what he was getting at, we'd go to the police station and pay the full summon … cannot let them get away with such behaviour … it's the 21st century already … what happened to being civiv minded? Heehee … anyway, even if he insisted on me bribing him, I didn't have enough cash 😛

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