You have a choice

That's what I was told by the policeman who stopped me on the highway back from Malaysia. 

So here's the low down, I went to an organic farm over the weekend which will be dealt with in another post.  Anyway, I drove up and back and like the good girl I am, I remember what my Daddy told me, "Don't drive over the speed limit … it's 110km/h and if you go about 120 it's ok but not above that."

There I was going consistently at about 115km/hr – 120km/hr … ok, maybe I did do 130km/h while taking over some truck but honestly, I wouldn't say I had sped at all.

Then I see all the cars slowing down at a police stop … and I notice the first two cars being pulled over in front of me are Singapore cars and so is the one behind me.

And here's a conversation I'll probably never forget, note: for the sake of comprehension, his English has been edited:-

Policeman: Hello, mamm.  License please.
Me: (struggling with my wallet) Here … any problem?
P: Do you know you were going 145km/h?
M: (with an incredulous look on my face) No lah
P: So I can give you summon and you can go to police station to pay.
M: (still looking at him with my incredulous look)
P: Or you can pay me now.
M: (incredulous look completely replaced with my lost face) Huh?  (I was truly confused)
P: You have a choice.
M: Huh?
P: I can give you a summon and you can pay RM120 at the police station or you can pay me RM50 now.
M: (still looking at him completely lost) I can pay you now?
P: Yes
M: (looking in my wallet and there's only RM30 … still clueless on what he's trying to get at) And there's a police station in JB?
P: Is this your first time?
M: (smiling as sweetly as i can) Yes.

A beat.

P: Ok I'll let you go with a warning this time.
M: (the lost look comes back) Huh? So no need to pay at all.
P: Can go.
M: (smiling again) Thank you.

As I was driving away, it hits me, "Hey!! He was asking me for a bribe … and there was like 10 cars they stopped."

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