Move over Yul

Ok, no one can seriously blame me for being moving on … it's the land of TV crushes and Yul Kwon, sole survivor of Cook Islands is beginning to fade and only because my sister has dealt me with the complete season one of Prison Break.

By now everyone else has probably watched the whole series, I on the other hand have only seen the odd episode here and there … from what I've seen … all I knew then was I had to get my hands on the DVD as soon as I can and now I have 🙂

So the low down of a younger brother getting the blueprint of a prison tattooed on his body so that he can break his older brother out of prison is no longer the latest news but my crush on Wentworth Miller is … at least on my blog it's news 😛

What's there not to have a crush on?  And his voice … totally yummy.  Ok ok truth be told, the story is pretty compelling … lines still a tad cheesy but I've never been to prison so my view can be quite naive.  Honestly though, I've always been a sucker for conspiracy tales so a story of an innocent man set up by the 'big brother' is really up my alley and that's a good reason to stay up all night watching Wentworth Miller … now if it was a reality TV series … I bet Yul Kwon would be able to get the people to work with him and breakout of the prison with the guards patting his back too 😛

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3 thoughts on “Move over Yul

  1. LOL i only just started watching this too. mmmm i like his voice too! :P~~~yes, some clueless viewers will probably think that "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" came from the writers of the series bwahahaha~

  2. I say, Baby R is on the way to create his own waves and have fans of his 😉 While his Mummy and her friends drool over some guy they'll never get … heehee

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