Guardian Angels

Do you believe in them?  My faith was reaffirmed on Friday. 

There I was driving on the CTE (on the way to the airport for the photo shoot of our Locations Library), slowly getting onto the PIE with more traffic coming in from Serangoon Road and even more traffic filtering towards the Kallang/Sims Drive exit.  Just generally messy but nothing I couldn't inch my way through as I widdle-waddled towards the centre lane and started to pick up speed.

My thoughts started going on its own, "What a nice day, we should really do all the outdoors shots before moving indoors after lunch when the light goes yucky."

Just as the thought finished, I saw in front of me … about a car length away, a motorcyclist lose control of his bike, fell off and tumbled twice.  Without a thought, my foot hits the accerlerator, quick check of the blind spot and swing the car into the right most lane.  I heard a blaring horn and I just literally pushed the pedal to the ground and see in my rearview mirror a car rushing close towards me … and in the corner of my eye, the guy sitting on the expressway.

I wouldn't want to think about what would have happened, if I had stayed on course and tried to stop the car.

Wish I could take credit for thinking fast but in all honesty, there was no thought process … it was like having something take over my body and move itself … so back to guardian angels, whatever you call them … God, Buddha, our Heavenly Forefathers … someone was looking out for me and the motorcyclist 🙂

And you know what, I was going to take the SLE/TPE route but based on my sister's advice who works way out at Expo, the PIE is faster … wonder how my day would have turned out if I went by the SLE/TPE … my Sliding Doors moment.

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