Have you ever been so lonely that you desire even a stranger's touch or so very scared, all you wanted to do was run as far away as you can or remember being a child and doing the silliest thing without realising the serious consequences of it?

Babel tells a story of these three real situations with the realism only a movie can achieve. From the director of 21 Grams, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu again weaves emotive visuals and rhythm with the concept of that we're all connected.  Kinda my idea of karma, no one actually ever thinks what we throw out will actually come back in ways we never even begin to phantom.

It's a movie with so many layers that touches (or not) every individual differently.  For me, he seemed to say never believe what you hear or read in the media, especially the news.  Objective journalism?  A little of an oxymoron from where I'm standing. 

Since starting my career in media, I've definitely learnt that the truth is only what you want to see.

So tell me what you saw in Babel 🙂 i.e. watch it … after all, it could be this year's Oscar winning best picture.

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