The Queen

My Mummy's back in Perth and enjoying the warm of summer while it's still a little cloudy here in Singapore.  Yep, she's pretty much the Queen in the Tan household except she's the type that cleans and cooks kinda Queen :)  Hear hear for Mummy!!!

Before Mummy packed her bags and got on a jet plane, we went to watch The Queen.  For me it was more about a young prime minister and his queen in an age old institution that may have no place in the 21st century, rather than the the queen and her relationship with Princess Diana (which was how they pretty much marketed it).  It must be tough having to put your people before your own self, but can you do that if you don't know your people?  Is there room in our modern world for monarchy? 

Well, peasant folk are strange that way, where there is an absent of a monarchy, they make up one where the rules are more fluid and princesses and queens could be here today and gone tomorrow ala Hollywood.  So maybe having the Queen around ain't that bad and thank goodness, her grandsons are turning out to be hotties :)  That's beside the point, my final say is to watch the movie if you have nothing else to watch … you can wait for it on DVD to catch the amazing Helen Mirren coz her performance is golden despite the medium.


Had it not been for Lady Mirren (if she's not one yet, I bet the Queen will make her one after this), this would have just been another Hallmark made-for-television movie.  I read somewhere that all she wanted was to portray the Queen as the woman she is and don't take my word for it; but you'll leave the the cinema thinking that royalty are grandmas too even if it is just a movie.  I'm not the only one who thinks so … afterall, Helen Mirren won the Golden Globe so she's likely to take the Oscar … I'm rooting for Meryl Streep though … sigh … what are the chances that the Oscars would consider a chick flick comedy?  One can hope, right?

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