Blood Diamond

It's been a while since I went to the movies, so after much discussion, the movie gang got together and caught Blood Diamond.

sigh … what can I say?  Ok … actually I have a lot to say … give the man an Oscar already.  I swear if he misses out on a nomination come Jan 23, I'll be a horrid person to be around :P  He was amazing already in This Boy's Life and What's Eating Gilbert Grape and who could ever forget Romeo+Juliet or Catch Me If You Can.  As you can tell, I'm still a sore that they didn't give him a Golden Globe. 

I thought he was great in The Departed but he was truly brillant in this movie.  I bet if Winnie watched it, she'll be a Leo convert too but alas she didn't watch it with us.

Since the movie will probably end its run soon, everyone who hasn't seen it should go watch it.  Sure, it's a Hollywood studio movie and a part of me is very thankful for that.  I pay good money for movies and the last thing I need is a news documentary that makes me feel sick in the stomach at the end of it.  That said though, there was still a lot of violence … too much for me yet enough story to be poignant and worth the watch. What impressed me was that the fairy tale bits didn't distract from the core and it was subtle enough not to preach.

In my opinion, it could have been about anything timber, cotton, sweatshops, tea … everyday somewhere in the world, innocents are being exploited for no better reason, other than the fact that the powerful can do that to them.  Sadly sometimes the powerful are people they consider family and friends.  Other times, its the developed worlds that turn a blind eye to the exploitation so that their own lives get better than they already are. 

As consumers, do we really have a choice? 

In reality though, how can you explain to people who's biggest worry is to get their kid into an elite school and the kids' biggest worry is which generation computer console should they buy; third world exploitation are just content for overzealous journalists or a Hollywood movie that'll take up 143minutes of your life.

Choices are a luxury few can claim to enjoy.  I'll try to remember that everytime I start to gripe.  Who needs diamonds anyway 😉

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