Christmas is officially over …

… and I'm not sure what to quite expect for 2007 … well, I know I'm going to turn 32 … and if it's anything I've learnt in the last 32 years, it's that plans never quite happen as you plan for them … so my thing for the new year is to enjoy each day as much as I can 🙂

And enjoy good memories like the last day in Kelowna and I saw an amazing sunrise … it's time like this I wished I had a better camera but you get the idea.  So here's to a wonderful 2007 filled with love, peace and happiness for everyone!!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas is officially over …

  1. Yeah 🙂 But I bet the sight of your little angel is worth a million words too … now, if only we could bottle all this happiness and use when needed 😉

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