It’s time for a haircut

Wags_Dec2006_03 Wags_Dec2006_02 Wags_Dec2006_01

What choice do you have when you're on chilling in bed, doing window shopping online and a completely adorable puppy looks longingly at you?  Yep, no choices, so I whipped out my camera.

Wags was none to impress.  I honestly think it's not because I was sticking a camera into her face but because she's way overdue for a hair cut … hmmm … would it be fur cut for doggies?  Which ever you know what I mean. 

Meanwhile, she is very cute like a mop of fur scurrying around the house :)  I'll have my fun with the scruffy Wags till my sister takes her for her next grooming and she'll look like this again …

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2 thoughts on “It’s time for a haircut

  1. hahaha … I also say, I prefer her scruffy too!!! So I better enjoy her, think my sis will be taking her for her grooming appointment before Christmas and it'll be Skinny Wags 😛

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