It’s time for a haircut

Wags_Dec2006_03 Wags_Dec2006_02 Wags_Dec2006_01

What choice do you have when you're on chilling in bed, doing window shopping online and a completely adorable puppy looks longingly at you?  Yep, no choices, so I whipped out my camera.

Wags was none to impress.  I honestly think it's not because I was sticking a camera into her face but because she's way overdue for a hair cut … hmmm … would it be fur cut for doggies?  Which ever you know what I mean. 

Meanwhile, she is very cute like a mop of fur scurrying around the house :)  I'll have my fun with the scruffy Wags till my sister takes her for her next grooming and she'll look like this again …

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It’s December already!!

Is it just me or time seems to be flying by so much more quicker as I get older?  It's December already and Christmas carols are playing on the radio.  Where did February to November go?  Oh well, I'll enjoy the monsoon season which is my favourite time of the year 🙂 coz before I know it, it'll be Chinese New Year the the scorching heat will be back 😛

Here's to Happy Christmas shopping and wonderful year end breaks …

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