The Break-up … watching is hard to do

Alrighty, it was a waste of celluloid effort.  And this coming from a big Vince Vaugh fan … yes, I like the big guy and he was flawless in Swingers but here it was just painful.  I was just grateful I was on a plane and could fall asleep when I needed to.

A lot of us have been through break-ups and don't need to pay to go through it all over again and with a script that would have better suited Lindsay Lohan and some teen dude.  Everything that was funny in the film, I saw in the trailer months ago.  There was nothing left.

Ok ok, it would be good for those with some romantic notion about their own break-ups and relate to the games played in the movie.  Different strokes for different folks.

My take – don't bother … check out Swingers instead πŸ™‚

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