LA has redeemed herself

Cineposium06 - 25AFM06 - 119AFM06 - 109

Usually when a work trip warrants that I go to LA, I get grumpy.  It isn't one of my most favourite places in the world.  The smog … yucks … the traffic … even worse but this trip :)  Evidently from the pictures, LA decided to be nice to me and I enjoyed mostly blue skies while I was there.  Also I had to do every little travelling on the crazy freeways which join the various parts of LA, so I was spared the endless wait in traffic.  Even the night sky didn't have that strange pink hue that is usually there because of the smog. 

Ok, LA is off my not-to-visit list … for now 😉

AFM06 - 88Cineposium06 - 37AFM06 - 105

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