Hello Santa Monica!!

Santa Monica 01Across the StreetSanta Monica 02

From left to right, that’s Santa Monica beach which apparently is not good to swim in especially after heavy rainfall because the city’s sewage lines go into this section of the beach … yikes … but from this far away it looks pretty 🙂

Next, I swear I’ve seen the apartment block in movies before … it’s the view from my hotel room across Wilshire Boulevard.

And finally that’s the famous Santa Monica pier which I haven’t had quite the chance to see up close yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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One thought on “Hello Santa Monica!!

  1. finally had a chance to catch up on your posts! hehe.i was actually online the other night but didn't see your msg, cos i was watching some japanese drama. :Pgo to the pier and eat ice-cream!!!~ come back soon!!!

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