Stuck indoors on an amazing day

It's day 3 in Pasadena and the Cineposium is going very fruitful actually … I'm learning quite a bit but does it have to be so beautiful outside?

Look at that!!  This was the sight I walked out to during a break … beautiful, huh?  But after 15mins I had to go back indoors … that's the sucky part about traveling for work. 

Yesterday night, the AFCI opened the Cineposium with a dinner at The Huntington where movies like My Best Friend's Wedding, Intolerable Cruelty, Cruel Intentions, Wedding Planner and even Memoirs of a Geisha were partially shot there.  The gardens even house a library and a museum, it was pretty cool only except I wish we were there during the day so that we could have seen the gardens … oh well, here's the sculpture that caught my eye …

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