Inside Scoop

Just when we thought there's no good movies to watch, a couple of us trooped down to GV and watched Woody Allen's Scoop … I'm please to announce it was fun fun fun. *clap clap*

The film defined by GV as an arthouse film and made us pay S$10 on a Monday evening for it.  How? Why? What? When?  I don't know.  We were even more confuse after the movie when we checked out Little Miss Sunshine and that's not considered an arthouse film … so who's classifying these movies at GV?  I want that job 🙂

Anyway, back to Scoop, perfect example on how a simple script and a couple of well timed actors are all you need for a good film.


A simple whodunnit that was funny too.  Hugh was yummy beyond words and Scarlett was sweet, something different from her usual and lacked a sense of confidence but I guess, that's part of the character too.  I prefer her sensuous and pondering.  Woody was Woody.

Soo Wei asked if it was better than Matchpoint?  No, not at all … Matchpoint wins hands down because it was so damn clever and made you look at those bags for tennis rackets a little differently.  Yes, I'm talking to you Jules, you have to go watch it 🙂

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