Of frogs

Say an-yong-ha-sa-yo to a little Korean frog I made friends while I was in Pusan earlier this year.

I like frogs … technically my favourite animals have been dolphins, horses and dogs … hang on, I like cats too … and polar bears, pigs, manatees, otters, cows … it's safe to say I like animals 🙂

This frog helped me appreciate the amphibian species a little more.  It sat there quietly, on a third floor window sill despite my numerous attempts to stick a camera in its little face.  it even looks like it's smiling in this last picture.

Life can be as simple as you want it to be, I guess … people can throw all the spanners they want in my face and it's my choice to be bothered about it or not.

Gam-sa-ah-mi-da, Froggie!!

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